Tuesday, 22 April 2014

That's more like it.

Lalalala, long weekend!!

Bit of time off over the long weekend meant I got stuck into a relatively solid bit of training. It had been a poor week as the roll over from the events of the previous Saturday night (daughter in A&E), van breaking down etc etc disrupted the entire family.

Cut to the chase and get back on track.

Friday 18th April

Was going out on the bike early but settled for a turbo as I could be at home in case I was needed. Stuck 'The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug" on the laptop and spun my Roveagh to Limerick GPX route. Just solid staedy state stuff hovering around threshold effort.

Turbo: 56.2km, HRAvg 146bpm, Duration 02:26

Saturday 19th April
Had my #Zero25k run group in Oranmore to take out so time for a little 'Runmute'. Fantastic morning for a run so with a little light toast, nutella & banana (coffee too!!) I was off out the door.

Lap 1 51.12 / 9.56km / HRAvg 148bpm
Lap 2 - 12 is the Zero25k sessions
Lap 13 53.29 / 9.49km / HRAvg 150bpm

Arriving back home time for breakfast proper, took a gel just before the run back, and then prep for work.

Run: 23.03km, HRAvg 146bpm, PaceAvg 05:49/km

Sunday 20th April

I went out early to lay out the Easter Egg hunt for the kids in Kilcornan Woods. After all the storms there is a huge amount of damage in there with a lot of trees down over each other. It made for a magical glade of discovery for the little ones who really enjoyed themselves.

After that it was out on the MTB for a quick loop to ensure all was in order. It was.
I also managed to map the planned 5k loop for The School Run in June.

MTB: 10.26km

Monday 21st April
MTB and run planned. Do a bit on the bike and run off the bike, back on & off a few times.

Body quite sore after the previous days efforts but to be honest I think digging the vegetable garden was the biggest culprit!

I got out nice and early, the woods were fantastic, just me, the trees and nature. As the trails are twisty, technical trails I was never expecting much other than time in the saddle and that's what I got.

Total:  20.98km, HRAvg 129bpm, Duration 02:13 Here's the file.

Then it was back to double digging and cleaning the vegetable garden for 2 hours in the afternoon! Cross training :)

Now I just need to keep the momentum going for the next while.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Well that escalated quickly

Not a training update but a state of affairs update.

I had a notion at the start of the week and I thought the worst had happened on Saturday morning with the bike mini-disaster.

Not so.

On her way to bed my daughter slipped and smacked the back of her head off the sink. We did all that was advised, iced it, no loss of consciousness, watched her, spoke with her and when she fell asleep naturally an hour later we were somewhat relieved but still worried.

Being woken at 3:40am to be told your daughter vomited is one way to do a super transition. I was fully dressed, in the car, engine running and on the way to the hospital before my two eyes were open.

Blood pressure, ok. Blood oxygen 99%, superb. Alertness, good for a little girl at silly o'clock.

Text to wife, to say Dr. ok but keeping her under observation for 24hours.

Little one napped, I sat vigil until we moved to the ward (got to see London Marathon on the TV) in the morning and mum came in to tag me out so I could take over with the little man at home.

Needless to say training was not a priority as a result of that and weekly goals went.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Back wheel keeps on turning

That's all that went through my head as I pushed off from the junction.

Clipping into the pedals, the legs spun and spun and spun. What the heck?! Momentum carried me across the road before realising that it is now time to CLIP OUT!! as the back wheel keeps on turning and you are going nowhere.

8 years of faithful service in cycling and the freehub has finally packed in. Good innings, just not convenient when I'm already pushed for time anyway.

I did Tweet the start of the week:

And it's haunting me. Good week training, but now a little mini-disaster that will force a change for Sunday.

Thursday 10th April
Day off as long day driving and working in Limerick. Changing this next week.

Friday 11th April
Limerick again and while I'd a rough idea to run am and turbo pm, between staff arrangements and travel it meant I would be back in Oranmore for the evening, so #runmute home

Run: 9.6km, HRAvg 151bpm, Pace Avg 05:15

Saturday 12th April
Aimed to run into that the #Zero25k group but a late wake up left be scrabbling for my bike.
Positive - meant extra few km on the bike = less pessure on Sunday
Negative - short on run km so make-up required.

As per intro, plan went to hell in a handbag. Required a pick up and delivery to bring the group out as arranged (30 eager souls ready & 'willing' to run). I'll need a run this evening as out early doors to do a looonnnng cycle on my TT bike.

Run: 3.8km HRAvg 131 bpm, Pace Avg 08:34

Might miss the bike target for the week but solid start & room for improvement next week.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rollin', rollin', rolling...

Laid out my plan, I did.

Goal is 40-50k running and 200k cycling for the next 3 weeks and then work from there. Shock the system back into action, kick this ass into gear burn off some excess kg's and crack on.

Monday 7th April
Treadmill running, nice and steady planned but just to alleviate the drone I threw in a km with a little bit of pace.
Funny now but not at the time.
Not much pace mind you but enought to have me thinking: "Man 4:45 per km and your struggling for 1k!!" The annoying thing sbout using the phone for music is the constant bleat and whistle of Twitter, Facebook and email alerts (Note to self - Airplane Mode in future). Anyway one of the emails was a response to an enquiry to a CMod from earlier in the day which needed an immediate action from me. Hence the step off for a moment.

Run: 8.01km, HRAvg 136bpm, Pace Avg 05:49

Tuesday 8th April
One of my usual favourite runs in the woods. Two loops reversing for the second loop. Wearing the Hoka Bondi trail / road shoe & my quads are thrashed!! These will take a bit of getting used to, or maybe my runs are just not long enough yet.

Night time run so had the place to myself pretty much and it was lovely.

Run: 12.06km, HRAvg 157bpm, Pace Avg 05:30

Wednesday 9th April
Turbo time with Tacx.

Using one of the preprogrammed workouts with rolling hills I went for a little over an hour, steady and solid. Missing my bike computer head at the moment so no power info to refer to.
HRM kinda mirrored the gradient too.

Turbo: 33km, HRAvg 141bpm

Good start, now to keep going for the rest of the week. Long day Thursday as in Limerick and late night shopping on Friday so plan to keep the run / bike / run / bike going through to the weekend.

As always comments or suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Unleash the Beast!

So 2014 started for me with no clear cut race to target and this is probably the reason for the slump and lack of drive to train. Previously I'd targetted a 70.3 or similar race in the previous autumn, a year ahead, well at least this is how I approached the Ironman Galway 70.3 and I'd work other races in along the way.

For this year, slow start but a road map is forming.

Lough Cutra Triathlon - The Gauntlet is on my radar. I haven't been swimming but that doesn't usually make a difference to me. In fact my best swim was at The Humbert Challenge in 2013 and I'd stopped all training 6 weeks beforehand! By May25th I'll be well able for the 90k bike and 21k run and if nothign else it's a 6 hour training event.

After that a weeklong family trip is planned for June and then it's the 5 week countdown to The Beast of Ballyhoura.

I'm part of a boards.ie team and while I've no regrets, I do wonder why I'm so quick to put my hand up for things like this. The Beast of Ballyhoura is a 40hour long adventure race.

Not one of those offroad multisport type of races generally referred to as 'messing', but a real guts or glory adventure race when you are expected to be ready for 40 hours and 300km of:
  • Mountain biking – teams should be prepared for a range of riding including single track, steep hills, gravel roads and sealed roads.

  • Trekking – will involve travelling by foot through rugged and diverse terrain. The Irish hills can be wet and boggy in places. 

  • Kayaking – kayaks will be provided by race organizers. Kayaking may be on inland rivers or lakes. Generally kayaking will be permitted during both day and night. Some of the rivers may have weirs. Teams will be advised in advance about any obstacles.

  • Swimming - teams will be required to cross rivers. We are looking at the possibility of a short swim for all team members, this won’t be any more than 150 meters, PFD’s will be available if you feel you need one.

  • Rope work. Could include abseiling, traversing, ascending etc.

  • Orienteering – orienteering is an extremely important part of the race. The course is not marked and teams are required to navigate using maps.

  • Special - as always you should expect some surprises, and special tasks
Training wise, where I stand now, the goal for the next 3 weeks is solid base work and miles in the legs of minimum 150km running (road & trail mix) 600km of cycling (likely mix of road & turbo for now).

Follow my training using the tags 'Beast of Ballyhoura' or 'Training Diary'

Are you along with me for the journey?

Monday, 7 April 2014

Start again?

Finally a bit of training being done.

I'm one of those types that needs a purpose to train. I gave myself the goal of cycling down to Lough Cutra to do a lap of the bike (olympic) course and back as a job that needed doing.

Friday 4th April
So with Friday morning off, myself and Mrs. AKW got out for our first joint bike ride in ages. With a couple of obstacles in the way we'd a bit of backtracking to do, so all in all nice comfortable 30k

Bike: 28.8k, HRAvg 135bpm

Saturday 5th April
I've also started a new session of our #Zero25k group from +Amphibian King West - Galway  on Saturday mornings which will run over the next few weeks right up to June 8th. Last year this worked out nicely as I'd run in, do the session and run home before doing the day in the shop. It means 30k or so done nice and early and a great way to cap the week.

Run: 3.8k

Sunday 6th April

I'd messaged some of the guys to see it they were up for it and ended up going out in the wind & rain by myself as others contented themselves on the turbo (looking at you Cinders!! :) ) Job done, Lough Cutra loop and back
Bike 70k, HRavg 147bpm, Speed Avg 21.6kph

Plan this week is to get the run km's up (40-50km) and end up running in on Saturday morning as well as clocking 200+ km on the bike between outside & turbo.

Bike: 99km for the week
Run: 3.8km

Monday, 24 March 2014

Groundhog Week

Recently every week seems to be 'do-over again' week.

After feeling rejeuvenated coming from the Paki Ryan pacing gig and the increase in simply training again the whole house has been struck down with chest infection x2, sympathy cold x 1 and a week of broken sleep and sweat-the-beds all round.

All and any planned training went right out the window for the past week.

Couple of good things though.

I was persuaded to visit Derek King of Kingmatics for a Holistic view of my own health. One word, WOW! I'm going to see him again this week.

I managed to take 2 FULL days off in a row!! Hasn't happened since Christmas so it was with delight we brought the kids to see The Lego Movie (again!). If you haven't seen it, borrow a niece or nephew, go see it! It is brilliant!!.

Technically the second day wasn't a day off as I was at events but the atmosphere at the #EnnisDuathlon

 followed quickly by the #Craughwell10 left me feeling vibrant and wanting to head out the door on a run.

It was good to be out and about. I also remembered to bring my camera so I'd good fun shooting pics at both events. There is an #EnnisDuathlon album:

Post by Amphibian King Limerick.

and one for #Craughwell10 too:

We'll see about that run, maybe tomorrow :)